“Colouring” Easter eggs


Punctually before Easter I share with you an instruction with which you can easily colour your eggs in a totally natural way. Furthermore they look hundreds of times better than others!!!


What you need:

  • scissors
  • eggs
  • fresh herbs, flowers.. (whatever you find in your garden)
  • thread
  • old stockings
  • a lot of onion skin  for colouring
  • a pot
  • water


  • Put the onion skin in the pot and let it boil for a while until the water has an intense colour
  • Then follow the instructions showed in the picture below Eggs Painting
  • When your eggs look like in number 4/5, boil them for 7-8 min (small eggs) or 9-10 (big eggs)
  • When done let them quickly cool in cold water and remove the thread, the stoking and the herbs
  • Finally rub them with oil  (6)


Happy Easter!!!



4 thoughts on ““Colouring” Easter eggs”

  1. These look wonderful. Love the idea of fixing the herbs with the stockings. I will definitely keep your dying ” recipe” in mind when coloring Easter eggs with my kids next year – this year, they were a bit too small!
    Happy Easter to you!


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